Mediumship In Calgary

Healing Messages from the Other Side

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with souls which no longer have a physical body.

Mediumship is a wonderful way to bring healing and closure for many who are missing their loved ones on the other side.

A Reading is a process involving the Client, the Medium and Spirit. The Medium is the "middleman" between the client and spirit.

The communication happens in different ways, depending on the medium. I use clear seeing, the inner sense of knowing, inner sense of hearing and feeling.

This means the information I receive as a medium does not come from me, it comes from the Spirit World, your loved ones. I am just the messenger.

Here are some notes to tell you what you need to know to experience a positive reading with me:

  • Please do not give me any information before the reading.
  • I will ask you to work with me, but not to give me any information before the reading.
  • I will give you information that I need to pass on, before you tell me anything.
  • Please be open to receive whatever messages come through, and from whoever is trying to connect with you.
  • Please be aware that I can not promise that the person you would like to connect to will come through. You will never know who will come through. It could also be someone you may have hardly known or have not heard from I will try to connect with the person you may want to hear from, but this is not always possible, because I can not decide who wants to come through.
  • The information comes in bits and pieces. How the information comes through also depends on spirit. In order for this information to make sense is where we, Spirit and I, need your help. Example: If I see a key, I will tell you that I see a key. You need to think about what the key means to you. For example you might say: That is the key I have in my pocket, and it fits my mothers secret box... But if it has no meaning at that moment, leave it open, because often you will have the answer a few days later. Often loved ones, and information come through that some clients can not connect to right away, until they remember it later. So please listen to the information you receive carefully.
  • Also do not wait to hear what YOU want to hear. I can only tell you what I receive from the other side, and then I interpret the information to the best my ability.
  • I will ask your loved ones for evidence to confirm that they are really your loved ones. This evidence may seem significant or quite trivial.
  • No Medium is 100% accurate. Please don’t be confrontational, because that would block the reading.
  • Be aware that I’m not giving you a Psychic Reading, which is more about information on money, health, love, the future, and so on. As a medium I am specialize in connecting to your departed loved ones. Read more here to find out the difference between a Psychic and a Medium.
  • Mediumship really works well, if you want to get answers from someone you have lost. Please don’t come to me just for fun. You would waste your time, and also my time.
  • My Readings are all about Healing. Healing can hurt sometimes. Please be aware of this.
  • If I am unable to connect with your loved ones, it is often because your loved ones are not ready to connect. The reason can be that they are undergoing healing.

A Reading takes about 1 hour.

If there is no information coming through during the session, I will honestly say it to you. This does not mean a connection to your loved ones can’t happen later...

If you still like to have spiritual guidance instead of a mediumship reading, you can use the time to do so.

Cost: For now I am offering readings on a donation basis, cash or e-transfer.

Where: In my House in McKenzie Towne, Calgary.

Daniela Hills

Spiritual Medium

Advisor and Guide

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Daniela Hills, Medium in Calgary

"I knew Daniela had a special gift even before she started giving psychic readings. She has always connected with her clients in a way that is inexplicable. During distance energy work, she has known the ailment of her client without being told.

Her readings for me were amazing, and just as mysterious. The spirits that came to me were not the ones I suspected, and her validations of these spirits were spot on every time! It brought tears to my eyes, and was a life changing experience. Her psychic readings in Calgary brought new peace to my life. If you are looking for the real thing, I strongly recommend Daniela."


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